FAQs and Troubleshooting

Synargy FAQs

No. We’re a wholesaler and have exclusivity agreements in place with our retailers. Refer to the This Product Available At section on each product page for more details on where it can be purchased from.

We don’t recommend running electrics from a battery pack as it isn’t covered by our safety testing and will void your electrical warranty.

Our products come pre-treated. There is no need to spray additional protective coatings.

We’ve created dedicated videos for how to install and remove the backs from your lounge suites. Check them out further down this page.

We carry a wide range of spare parts for our products, available via our retailers. Talk to the retailer you originally purchased from to arrange this.

Contact the retailer you purchased it from. They will be able to arrange to have it assessed and repaired if it’s a warranty issue.

We’ve created a dedicated page for maintaining the leather or fabric used on your product. Check it out here.

Wood used in the frame can vary from supplier to supplier but we typically use Larch in our lounge suites. All wood used is FSC certified so you can be certain it has been sourced sustainably.

Electrical Troubleshooting

If you are having any issues with your electric powered lounge suite, please try the following solutions.

• Check that all plugs are plugged into a wall outlet and are secure. Please check that the wall outlet is switched on. Check that all switches at the rear of the suite are switched on.

• Check to ensure that all connection cords are properly connected, as per the instructions included with your product. There are multiple connections, any of which being too loose may cause performance issues.

• Ensure no cords are pulled too tight. If the cord does not reach its destination with ease you may be trying to plug it into the wrong location. Please refer to the instructions. If it is still is too short/tight, please contact the store you purchased the suite from.

• Try plugging the suite into a different wall outlet.

• The USB ports included in our products are low voltage. Please use the 240V socket in the charge station, if your product includes one, if you are charging a larger device or require a faster charge.

• Unplug the suite from the wall for 5 minutes to reset all electrical components.

• Ensure there is nothing obstructing the recliner movement.

Please check all connections before contacting the store for help.

Assembling & Removing Seat Backs from Lounge Suites

Attaching Seat Backs to Your Lounge Suite

A quick and easy tutorial on how to assemble the seat backs on your new Synargy lounge suite

Removing Seat Backs from Your Lounge Suite

A brief tutorial on removing the seat backs from your lounge suite, to help with moving house

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