Sadler Lounge

The Sadler lounge range features zero gravity recline, with electric headrests and center-seat features such as wireless chargers, storage compartment and more.

150kg Rated Mechanism

Power Recline

Zero Gravity Recline

Power Headrest

Wireless Charger

USB Charger

Storage Drawer

Zig Zag Springs

Sustainably Harvested Timber

5 Years


5 Years


5 Years


2 Years


1 Year


This product is a part of our Smart Comfort brand, which combines innovative technology with intelligent design to offer a range of lounge suites equipped to meet the demands of modern life.

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Features and Benefits

  • A sturdy frame constructed with sustainably sourced timber provides a solid and long-lasting base to the lounge suite

  • S-shaped metal wires installed in a continuous line across the frame. They deliver reliable & long-lasting support, maintaining their shape over time. Zig zag springs also provide the first layer of comfort beneath the foam cushion layers

  • The combination of different density foams ensures long-lasting durability, optimal support, and enhanced comfort for users making the sofa more inviting and enjoyable for daily use

  • This robust recliner mechanism boasts an impressive 150kg weight-loading capacity (30kg higher than standard mechanisms), ensuring reliable performance for years to come

  • Stocked in Saddle coloured Teramo fabric, or special ordered in a wide range of Teramo and Velletri fabrics, plus several Livorno leather options

  • Elevate your comfort level with recliners and headrests that adjust effortlessly at the touch of a button, offering the ultimate in customized comfort!

  • Elevate your relaxation with the zero gravity recline function. Experience weightlessness as the ergonomic design evenly distributes your body’s weight, reducing stress on your spine and muscles

  • Convenient device charging at your fingertips eliminates the need to search for an outlet. Charge smartphones, tablets, and other small gadgets while comfortably seated. USB ports located in the recliner control panels on the ends of the seats

  • Experience unparalleled convenience with the innovative dropdown table. Illuminate your reading space with built-in reading lights, stay powered with wireless charging pads, and keep your refreshments close with convenient cupholders (3 seater sofa only)

  • No more searching for cables or outlets with wireless charging pad in the dropdown table — simply place your wireless charging-enabled device on the designated spot, and it will charge effortlessly

  • Convenient storage compartments for keeping small items like remotes, cables, magazines and more within arms reach, plus cupholders to keep beverages nearby


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