The Complete Aria Massage Chair User Guide

Jake B

Jake B

January 22nd, 2024

Hey there, massage chair enthusiasts! Ready to elevate your relaxation game? Let's dive into the comfy world of your Smart Comfort Aria massage chair. Slip off your shoes, sit back, and let's get started.

These first few pointers apply to all of our Smart Comfort massage chair models, then we’ll go deeper into Aria specific functions further down. You can also view user guides for our other models at the below links:

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1.       Getting Seated:
First things first, kick off your shoes and settle into your massage haven. Use your feet to extend the footrest for that extra touch of comfort. Oh, and ditch the bling – it's recommended to enjoy the massage sans jewelry or watches.

 2.       Power Up:
Now, grab that remote control like you're taking command of your relaxation spaceship. Hit the power button, and give your chair about 20-30 seconds to get to know your unique body size. It's like a personalized greeting for your muscles.

 3.       Strike a Pose:
Place your arms snugly inside the armrests – it's time to get cozy. And guess what? If you're feeling a bit lazy (no judgment here), the chair will kick into automatic massage mode if you leave it alone for a bit. Hands-free pampering? Yes, please!


Aria Massage Chair: Complete User Guide

Basic Controls

Close up of the Aria Massage Chair remote control, indicating the function of some of the main buttons

Power Button:
To kick things off, locate that magic power button – it's your gateway to bliss. Press it, and give your chair a moment to power up; it's like the calm before the massage storm. Wait 20-30 seconds (cue the anticipation), and then grab the remote control to select your desired massage mode.

Feeling a bit indecisive? No worries! If you can't make up your mind, the chair has your back (literally). If no options are selected, it gracefully slips into Comfort automatic mode. Just sit back and let the chair work its magic.

Pause button:
Found the perfect massage intensity, but need a moment to answer a phone call or take a break? Hit the pause button. It's your ticket to a temporary massage hiatus. When you're ready to resume the bliss, a simple press brings the rollers back to life.

Times Button:
Want to keep track of your relaxation journey? The "Times" button is your timekeeper. Set your preferred massage time in convenient 5-minute increments, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. It's like having your own massage concierge.

When the massage cycle completes (usually 20 minutes), the chair will remain in its current position to not disturb your comfort. Begin another massage cycle by powering on or end your massage by powering on and then off again to return the chair to the upright position.

Shoulder Position Up & Down Buttons:
We all carry stress in different places, right? The shoulder position controls have got you covered. Use the up and down arrows to tailor how far up the shoulders the massage rollers will venture during those targeted shoulder movements. It's like a personalized massage just for you.


Automatic Mode Controls

The automatic mode buttons quickly and easily change between the available automatic modes, which each have a different target or focus of the massage experience. These modes are:

Comfort Mode:
A gentle caress for your entire body. It's like a warm hug that targets every nook and cranny.

Relax Mode:
Need some extra attention to your lower back, legs, and feet? Relax mode has your back – quite literally.

Stretch Mode:
Experience a soothing front stretch as the chair gently pulls your feet down and reclines backward. Talk about stretching in style!

Shoulder & Neck Mode:
For those days when your shoulders and neck need some dedicated pampering. Relax and let the chair work its magic.

Back & Waist Mode:
Targeting the specific areas of your back and waist, this mode is your go-to for relieving tension in those crucial zones.

More button:
Feeling adventurous? Press the More button to cycle through a variety of additional automatic programs, each indicated by a letter and number code at the top of the screen. Here's a sneak peek:

  • A1 - Full Body

  • A2 - Chiropractic

  • A3 - Fatigue Recovery

  • A4 - Meridians

  • A5 - Glutes

  • A6 - Sleep Peacefully

  • A7 - Full Air Pressure


Chair Position Controls

The chair position control buttons can be used to fine tune the specific position of your Aria massage chair. Some people prefer to sit upright during the massage, while others enjoy the full experience of zero-gravity recline massage.

Upright Button (top):
Need to return to the land of the upright? This button is your guide. A single press will bring the chair back to its upright position. Hold it down to find that sweet spot tailored to your comfort.

Zero Gravity Button (center):
For a weightless experience, the Zero button is your ticket to the zero gravity position. With two levels to choose from, a simple press will cycle through them, allowing you to find the perfect recline for ultimate relaxation.

Recline Button (bottom):
Feel like leaning back and embracing the moment? The Recline button has you covered. A single press will smoothly recline the chair backward. Holding it down lets you fine-tune the recline to your heart's content.

Footrest Controls (left & right):
Elevate your feet and elevate your comfort! The footrest up up and down buttons are your partners in adjusting the footrest. Hold them down for a little positional fine-tuning, and release when you've found your sweet spot.


Manual Mode & Adjustment Controls

For those who would like complete control of their massage experience, the manual modes are fine-tune-able to exact preferences, or to work out highly targeted areas such as muscular knots or pain points. The manual control buttons are used like so:

Air Pressure Button:
Your chair, your choice! Toggle the airbag function between targeting your arms, feet, both arms and feet, or none at all. This setting can also be adjusted during automatic modes.

Intensity Button:
Need a gentle squeeze or a firm hug? The Intensity button is here for you. Adjust the pressure from the airbags to your liking, ensuring your massage experience is just as gentle or intense as you desire. The currently selected setting will be visible on the LCD screen. And yes, you can tweak this during automatic modes too!

Mode Button:
Spice up your massage routine! The Mode button lets you cycle through various roller techniques during manual control. Find the perfect one that suits your mood, from the options below:

Speed Button:
Need a massage with a bit more pep or a gentle touch? The Speed button is your go-to. Adjust the speed of the massage rollers during manual modes to find the perfect rhythm for your relaxation journey. Fast or slow, the choice is yours!

Width Button:
The Width button is your ticket to tailor-made massages. During shiatsu, tapping, or knocking modes, this button adjusts the width between the two pairs of back rollers. Whether you prefer a focused or broader massage experience, this control lets you set the stage for a truly personalized session.

Back Mode button:The back mode button toggles the back roller movement between:

  • H0 - Fixed position
    The rollers stay in place and can be manually moved up or down into place using the arrow buttons.

  • H1 – short area movement or partial movement
    The rollers will move up and down from their current position, travelling only a short distance

  • H2 – entire back massage
    The rollers will move up and down the full distance possible

  • The arrow buttons either side of back mode simply adjust the position of the massage rollers during H0 and H1 back modes.

Foot roller button:
Switch between three different speed settings to find the pace that feels just right. A fourth press will turn the foot rollers off if you prefer. The foot roller speed can also be adjusted during automatic modes using this button.

Heat Button:
Ready to add a touch of warmth to your relaxation? The Heat button toggles the backrest heat on or off. Give it about three minutes, and you'll experience the soothing warmth reaching its maximum temperature, enhancing the overall bliss.


Bluetooth Audio

Elevate your relaxation experience by adding a touch of melody to your massage haven. Let the music play! We also recommend trying relaxing sounds or guided meditations during your massage experience.

Access Bluetooth Settings:
Begin your musical journey by opening the Bluetooth settings menu on your phone or device. It's the gateway to a world of soothing sounds.

Search and Connect:
Look for a new Bluetooth device and keep your eyes peeled for "Smart Comfort 0000" or a similar identifier. Once spotted, hit that 'connect' or 'pair' button like you're starting a musical duet.

With the connection established, your massage chair's Bluetooth speakers are now in sync with your device. Open your favorite media player app, hit play, and let the music wash over you as you indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience.


Armrest Control Panel

The armrest control panel is your secret weapon for quick and easy access to basic functions. Let's dive into the ease of controlling these functions without reaching for the remote holder.

Power button
Press to power chair on or off. Turning the chair off will return the chair to an upright position.

Footrest Switch
Press or lift switch to raise and lower the footrest to suit your preference.

Recline switch
Press or lift switch to adjust the recline angle of the chair to your favourite position.

Auto button
Press the auto button to cycle through the automatic program options

Zero-Gravity button
Press the Zero button to cycle between the three zero gravity recline positions. You can also hold this button down for 3 seconds to turn the voice control functions on or off.


Voice Controls

For fully hands-free operation, we recommend trying the chair’s voice control commands. To use voice commands, first address the chair by saying “Hi Alice”. The chair will respond back saying ‘I am here’ indicating it is ready to receive a command. Follow up with one of the below commands:

"Hi Alice"

Prompt the chair to listen for a voice command

"Massage on"

Start the massage

"Massage close"

Stop the massage

"Comfort massage"

Change to automatic massage program "Comfort" mode

"Relax massage"

Change to automatic massage program "Relax" mode

"Full body massage"

Change to automatic massage program "Full body" mode

"Neck and shoulder massage"

Change to automatic program "Neck and shoulders"

"Back and waist massage"

Change to automatic program "Back and waist"

"Stretch massage"

Change to automatic program "Stretch massage"

"Open the air pressure"

Turn airbag function on

"Close the air pressure"

Turn airbag functions off

"Up the seat position"

Recline the chair upwards slightly

"Down the seat position"

Recline the chair backwards slightly

"Change the other mode"

Change from automatic mode to manual controls

"Go little up"

Move back massage rollers slightly up (during partial or fixed point manual modes - H0 and H1 setting)

"Go little down"

Move back massage rollers down

It is recommended to speak in a clear and concise tone to allow the chair to recognize your command. If the chair does not respond to voice commands at all (ie; it doesn’t say ‘I am here’), ensure that voice control function is turned on by holding the Zero button on the armrest control panel for 3 seconds.


There you have it – our in-depth guide to maximize your massage chair experience. Whether you're in the mood for a hands-free massage or eager to dive into advanced controls, your relaxation journey is in your hands. Now, kick back, press a few buttons, and let the soothing vibes roll. Enjoy!

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